Gereral instructions

This service is designed to convert GPS Favorites between different formats, used by most popular navigation software. It would definitely make a migration easier, but to be absolutely safe, you have to keep 3 very simple rules:

  1. Favorite's files backup is strongly recommended! Vendors can change favorites file format and/or location even in minor version change, so make sure you have a proper copy before any experiment.
  2. After copy is made and stored in a safe place, upload you favorites file to GPS Favourites Convert and make sure it was recognized properly.
  3. Choose needed format and download converted demo file - 5 pois for free! Put it to a proper programm folder (see the instructions below) and check if everything's Ok with running the navigation software.

iGO Primo / Amigo

Favourites file is located in ".../profiles/01-04" subfolder, located on SD-Card. First - find iGo folder in the root of SD. Than locate file user.upoi with favorites:
the number could vary from in range: [01-04]

.KML files are also supported by iGO as POI files. Save your points to .KML file, give any name to it and copy to /iGO/content/userdata/poi/yourpoifile.kml

iGO 8.0

Favourites file is located in /sdcard/igo/save/favorites.dat.

.KML files are also supported by iGO as POI files. Save your points to .KML file, give any name to it and copy to /iGO/content/userdata/poi/yourpoifile.kml

Sygic v.15

Favourites file is located on SD-Card in /sdcard/Sygic/Res/db/items.db. Please do not override it without backup! If you want to keep you history ("Recent points" are stored in the same file) you have to uploaded it to GPS Favourites Convert with merge option checked on.

Navitel v.9.5

To migrate your Favorites to Navitel Navigator, save file in .GPX format, send it to smartphone/navigator, run Navitel and import .GPX to internal Waypoints:

How to import: Menu -> Find -> Waypoints -> Import (right-bottom corner in v.9.5.0) -> choose file
How to export: Menu -> Find -> Waypoints -> Export (mid bottom position in v.9.5.0) -> another .gpx file

Google Maps (all versions)

Just import .KML file to newsly created layer. Enjoy.

TomTom and NAVIGON Garmin

Both should work with .GPX files import/export. Both software providers are oriented for own hardware in a first turn. Later versions are not consistent in working with favourites plus there are a lot of version forks for different hardware and a lot of them have a different functionality. So you have to check it by yourself.

Mazda 6 / 3 / 2 / CX-5 / CMU

CMU format will be downloaded as, which should be extracted at the root folder of FAT32 USB drive. Procedure to download/update existing favourites:

  1. Extract .zip on USB Drive (FAT32 and <8Gb)
  2. Insert in USB1/2 socket and wait ~30 seconds
  3. Backup will be created automatically @ /backup folder
  4. If you want to upload new Favourites, press YES at prompt dialog (reboot required)
  5. Press NO just to exit, existing favourites are stored in /backup folder

To make a backup you can just download random and run it without an update (answer NO in dialog).

Compatibility list

  1. iGO Primo - Ok, verified (both .upoi favourites and .kml pois)
  2. iGO Amigo - Ok, verified (both .upoi favourites and .kml pois)
  3. iGO 8.0 - Ok, verified (both favorites.dat and .kml pois)
  4. Navitel 9.x - Ok, verified. Should also work on earlier versions
  5. Sygic v.15 - Ok, verified. It could be an issues when running on earlier versions, but usually we can fix the format fast enough - just send us your items.dat file for analysis
  6. Garmin - not checked, should work through import/export procedures
  7. TomTom - not checked, should work through import/export procedures
  8. Google Maps - Ok, verified
  9. Mazda CMU (model 2/3/6/CX5) - Ok, verified on version 56.00.230, should work on versions till 56.00.513 and 59.00.441. Update script do not touch any system files, only files user_?.upoi and favorites_?.txt (plus their .cks) at /mnt/data/save/profiles/01/ will be overwritten, but all you do is at your own risk, author have no responsibility for any damage you can do to your CMU during the operation.
  10. Route 66 - future release
  11. Yandex Navi - future release